I'm Ala Lockhart. 

I like to think of myself as a hands-on artist with a strong sense of color and an even stronger sense of self-worth. While studying at The Fashion Institute of Technology, I developed my skills to find creative solutions to a range of projects. I live in Mount Vernon, New York, and use my experience to produce polished, attention-grabbing designs. In my spare time, you can find me building playlists and trying new recipes.

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My Logo.

Trying to condense myself into a single symbol was difficult. I tried to incorporate elements of art akin to a pencil or stylus. I wanted to steer clear of fitting too many details into a single shape. I opted for a sleek and maybe a bit abstract styled "A". Imagining a pencil tilted forward, I combined both sharp and round facets while still keeping the same general frame of my previous design.

There's a lot of pressure to produce art daily for likes and followers.

Neither of which is an accurate measurement of a person's skill or success. There are some artists out there who do benefit from a routine and learn well from daily drawing exercises, but some artists - including myself - may find this approach stressful. Everyone takes different steps on the path to improvement. Make art you love and make it at your own pace.


Ala Lockhart is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Mount Vernon, New York. She hopes to take advantage of new opportunities and grow as an artist.